Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My growing girls

This has been a week of accomplishments with my girls! Ellie is cruising right along holding furniture and trying to pull herself up on the couch and the bed. She's doing more "monkey walking", as I call it, where she bends herself into an A position with her hands and feet with her little bottom in the air and walks. Surely it won't be much longer before she takes those first steps alone. Her track record has been about 3 months behind her sisters with all things mobile (sitting, crawling, standing, ect.), so hopefully we're about there. According to her Pediatrician and Chiropractor, she's just fine, only taking her time and doing things her way. Along with the added independence has come much protesting and shrieking whenever something doesn't go her way. She is letting the world know her opinion, and learning that the louder one's voice is, the more attention you usually get.

Jordan is a swimmer! I watched yesterday as she called out, "Mama, watch!" and she took off like a little brown fish (she has a gorgeous tan) across Mamoo's pool. When she reached the other side, she said with a huge smile and bright eyes, "I didn't drown!" She can already swim under water and float on her back, too. What a relief it is knowing that two of my three girls can not only keep their head above the water but can also get to where they need to go. Thank you, Mamoo!

And my Rachel... my big girl... she was filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost last Sunday night at West Pontotoc Pentecostal Church! Unfortunately, I wasn't there. But I'm told she began crying and speaking in an Heavenly language with her little hands raised in her Mamoo's arms. Her Daddy will hopefully baptize her very soon. She told him last night at bedtime prayers that she wanted him to baptize her. When we were asking her about baptism and talking about it all, she related the story of the leper "going to the muddy river and his boo boo's getting all clean". Her daddy said that was actually a good comparison. :) Even though she can't fully explain the depths of what all baptism in Jesus' name is about (can any of us, really?), she understands enough to get the Holy Ghost; and she understands the need for it. I look forward to this event greatly and will post pics soon! (Oh, and she can also ride a bike quite well without training wheels!)

What a wonderful feeling to sit back and watch my girls grow. What an even better feeling knowing they will continue to grow in beauty and grace in the light of God's sunshine.

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  1. The wonder won't stop when your girls grow up, marry, and have children of their own either. I know. It's still wonderful watching what God is doing in your life. Always will be.