Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"I've lost some good friends along life's way
Some loved ones departed in heaven to stay
But thank God I didn't lost everything
I've lost faith in people who said they cared
In time of my crisis they were never there
But in my disappointment, in my season of pain
One thing never wavered, one thing never changed

I've let some blessings slip away
When I lost my focus and went astray
But thank God I didn't lost everything
I lost possessions that were so dear
I lost some battles walking in fear
But in the midst of my struggles, in my season of pain
One thing never wavered, one thing never changed

I never lost my hope,
I never lost my joy
I never lost my faith
But most of all, I never lost my praise"

-Kurt Carr

Ever heard that one song that brings the thought, "I could have written that one..."?  This is one such song for me.

Random thoughts for the day...

You can't please everyone.  People let you down.  People change.  They change what they say, what they think, how they act.  I'm so glad that in the midst of crises in our lives, in the midst of change, when you can't trust anyone from one literal minute to the next, I'm so glad that I have something to hold onto.  I have my faith.  My faith brings hope and joy.  And my faith is made manifest in my praise.  When we serve only ourselves, we hurt others.  It's inevitable.  But when we put others before ourselves we find true joy.  Everyone needs a constant in their life, that one thing that never changes, for the GOOD.  I guess there are plenty of constants in life that aren't so good.  But we each need that one good thing.  I found my constant.  My unchanging north star, so to speak.  When my world is spinning, I can look up and see it unmoving, always there.  Never wavering.  I have my faith.  I have my praise.         

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