Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts from inside the box...

Warning:  The following content is of the most extreme randomness that I have ever blogged.  Those looking to read something amazing or mind blowing, please continue searching the world wide web, this is not your spot for genius reading material today.

I wasn't gonna, but I just have to.

Ok, so I have a few quirks about me.  Not many, mind you, but I do have a few.  I like to make tea, sweet tea, by the gallon.  My family enjoys the southern liquid gold on a daily basis around my house.  I do not think of mine as perfect, but I do have my own recipe down to somewhat of an art.  So, anyways, I make tea.  And when I buy the tea in the box, I like to take all the bags out and place them in my glass tea jar with the lid that screws on.  I dunno, seems to keep it a bit more fresh tasting that way.

So, as I was putting away and sorting my groceries the other day, I opened up my big box of tea and began refilling my empty *gasp!* glass tea jar.  And at the bottom of the tea box, I found this...

So... thank you, No.2... whoever you are, wherever you are, presumably in the fine state of Alabama.  I do wonder why we heard from you and not from No.1, but I guess that just says more about you.  I appreciate those who appreciate comments, so... I appreciate you and applaud you for a job well done.  My tea was perfectly packed in the box without flaw or defect.  We have enjoyed a gallon already.  May your life be blessed and happy, and may you continue to do such fine work.  :)


  1. I can just imagine him, or her, reading this blog post and uproariously proclaiming, "I'm number two! I'm number two!"

    1. I wished for that very thing, Del! :)

  2. I keep my tea bags in a glass jar with a screw on lid as well, but my tea bags are for hot tea exclusively. I've never been able to duplicate you sweet iced tea, and have long considered your recipe superior to any I've ever had. Your Mamaw Lou made her tea sweet enough to have had a picture of a log cabin on the pitcher, your Mamaw Ivey used sachrin (shudder), and your mom...well your mom just doesn't make tea. So here's my thanks to tea packer #2 as well. Because you just never know when a #2 packer is going to make a #1 recipe possible. Think about it.