Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ashes, Shoes, and a Toddler...

You know the scene in Cinderella where she's singing while she gracefully washes the massive terrace floor?  There's a place near the end of her song where you see Lucifer, the mean cat, as he comes in to listen to her at first, then he spots the big pile of dirt Cinderella had just swept up and left in a neat pile by the broom.  He gets an evil look on his face and sticks his paw in it, and then proceeds to destroy her beautifully washed floor by jumping around with his dirty paws. 

Well, I kind of felt like Cinderella last night when Rachel rushed in to tell me that Ellie had gotten something (she didn't know what) all over the den.  I walked in and saw mounds of old ashes from the fireplace dumped... not sprinkled, dumped... ALL over the den.  From the clean clothes I had just folded on the couch (which most were then unfolded and on the floor), to her daddy's favorite recliner, to the loveseat, and all in the carpet, there were piles and smears of black ash.  She had apparently figured out that her pink Buster Brown shoes could also double as shovels, so she deiced to play Ellie-the-bulldozer.

Needless to say, we spent the next half hour or so vacuuming and cleaning up.

As I was taking all those freshly washed clothes back to the laundry room, I thought to myself, "This will be one of those stories I will tell her about when she's older and has a mischievous child of her own."  I tried to smile.  Emphasis on the word tried.  She was also quick to say, "Mommy, I sorry.  It was a a-see-dint."  Yeah.  Accident, my foot. 

I just wanted to share this with you fellow parents out there.  And if you have an open fireplace and a bored toddler... well, you may wanna keep it cleaned out really well when it's not in use.  :)

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