Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Spider and the Moth

My home was recently invaded by a really big, annoying moth.  You know the kind... seemingly the wingspan of an albatross that flies around all crazy like, bumping into everything.  I'm not quite sure how it ended up in a teeny little spiderweb in the bottom corner of my fireplace, but it did.  Why in the world I sat and watched the following, I'll never know, but it grabbed my curiosity when I saw that huge moth struggling to get out of the nearly invisible, tiny web.  I thought it was just another old cobweb that I missed the last time I dusted, but upon closer inspection I realized it was indeed occupied.  Perhaps one of the smallest spiders I've ever seen was carefully making its way toward the struggling giant caught in its two or three strand web.  What a catch!  I hate spiders with a burning passion, but I was almost proud of this little girl... or fella... as it slowly descended upon its prey that was probably ten times its own size.  I thought surely the giant moth would escape the seemingly insignificant threads... but it didn't.  The more it struggled, the more entangled it became.  I didn't feel up to being a hero and trying to save the moth simply because of that tiny spider and my fear of all things that have more than four legs, so I walked on for a bit.  When I returned I saw the cacoon of web spun around the moth and the little spider enjoying his/her supper... and it made me stop and think... it's not always the big webs that catch us.  Those tiny little strands in life, the "harmless" things that we allow on a daily basis because they are so small, they can be more dangerous than we think.  Just because you're big and strong doesn't necessarily mean you'll always escape the small webs.  The little things really do matter.

Just a thought from a sleep deprived mind who's been up all night with cold-like symptoms with sever allergies.  You never know what "genius" thoughts can come from being sick.  :)