Saturday, August 27, 2011

A new chapter

I love to read.  I always have.  As a small child, my idea of fun was being taken to the local library, picking out at least 10 books, finding a comfy spot in the kids corner and reading away.  Then I would take those books home with me and read them at least 3 times each all over again before they were due back.  Some of my most cherished memories are of me and Daddy in our reading chair.  He would read to me ALL the time, even as a toddler.  I would sit quietly and still (wow) in his lap and listen to his voice and the various sounds it made as he "talked" for each of the different characters.  As a teen, I always had a book on my bedside table that I was reading.  Books became my friends, and I would visit my favorite characters over and over again.  There are some books in my small collection that I have read quite literally 10 or more times each.  Well, now a mommy of three, my reading pretty much involves revisiting characters such as Sam I Am and his plate of green eggs and ham.  Reading anything remotely above 5th grade level is a luxury for me.  I still have books on my bedside table, but they remain unopened with a thin line of dust on the pages.  (who has time to dust??) 

But, with my love of books and reading, indulge me as I compare my life to a book.  If my life were in written form, it would probably be quite dull compared to some.  But it would most definitely be a book full of change.  My life has been anything but monotonous routine.  As a minister's daughter who went on the evangelist field for two years and moved with her parents as they pastored three different churches, I never became very settled in one particular area.  So, I'm pretty used to change by now.  In fact, if things start settling into anything routine, I begin to worry.  :)

Well, another page is about to be turned, a new chapter has begun.  I would love to skip ahead a read future chapters to see how it all turns out.  But, unfortunately, I would only see blank pages, as it is only written line by line, day by day.

After much prayerful consideration, my husband is now the pastor of Greater Faith Tabernacle in Greenville, MS.  I am 200% behind him in this decision, and believe with all my heart this is indeed the will of God for our lives at this time.  In fact, I can honestly say without a doubt that this is the first time in my life something has felt so right.

The church family is precious, and we have already come to love each and every one of the members.  They have an amazing outreach Sunday School ministry in full swing, which we greatly anticipate being involved in.  My husband has already baptized three students!  We are so looking forward to being a part of what God has in store for this church and community, and fervently pray that we can help make a difference.

The next few months are going to be quite hectic.  Transition is rarely an easy process.  I am ready for the dust to settle, however the only dust settling right now is the dust we're stirring up packing and moving boxes.  It will come, though.

This is sure to be an exciting time in our lives, and no, we're not expecting only roses and rainbows. We know that life is learning, growing, making mistakes and trying again, disappointing and sometimes downright painful.  But we also know the One holding the pen, and as He writes the following pages He will also guide our every step and never forsake us.  He is indeed the author and finisher of our faith.        


  1. I'm going to miss you so very badly, but this is what I raised you for. I could not be more proud of you and my son-in-law.
    You know that you can call me any time, day or night...even if you only want me to read you a story.

    Love daddy

  2. I would love nothing more than to hear you read me a story. Guessthat's why I love hearing you preach so much. :)

  3. Congrats on this new adventure!!! You guys will do awesome :)

    I recall spending weekends in Jackson with you and we would go to the bookstore and get books to bring home and read away. Remember all the "twin's and friends" sweet valley books? Haha....I can still remember when we read "Jessica's Secret" and all the conversations we had over that one! :)

  4. Great memories, Lana!! I will never forget those days. I even remember the blue blouse with the pearl buttons, lol!

  5. Another chapter in your's and Del's Masterpiece...

  6. We at Greater Faith are excited to be a part of this chapter in your life. We are expecting God to do a great work! We have already grown to love your family and can't wait for you to be here permanently.