Monday, November 21, 2011

The Louvre in my kitchen

"Zommies", by Jordan Tritsch

Rembrandt, Delacroix, da Vinci... none can hold a candle to the works of art I have in my possession. Displayed proudly on my refrigerator is a treasure trove of masterful drawings and paintings that rival the world's best known artists. I have always been one of these moms that insist on immediately showcasing beautiful pieces that are given to me by my babies. In fact, my main problem is space... I need a bigger refrigerator... or maybe just a few more altogether...

"Traffic Light", by Jordan Tritsch

But as I was walking by the other day, I stopped and admired yet again the masterpieces gracing my main kitchen appliance. It occurred to me I have never owned an original work of art by anyone "famous". I'm not even sure my eyes have actually seen any important art form other than in a textbook. But what I do have, (in my biased, motherly opinion... hey, I proudly wear my mom badge and claim the rights that go along with it), what I posses are irreplaceable, priceless, beautiful treasures. They were given to me in love, they were given to me in free will, and they were each carefully created by little hands that will all too soon grow up and leave my home.

"Healthy Lunch", by Rachel Tritsch

"Love Note", by Rachel Tritsch


  1. There are watercolour ponies
    On my refrigerater door
    And the shape of something
    I don't really recognize
    Drawn by careful little fingers
    And put proudly on display
    A reminder to us all
    Of how time flies

  2. If you haven't already, be sure to write the date on these masetrpieces. You'll be glad you did.