Monday, December 12, 2011

A ship in motion...

"Today, we sailed on." -Christopher Columbus

I realize there have been many blog posts and sermons about the above famous quote from one of the most important explorers of all time. History tells us that Columbus kept a journal, and in it he recorded the day's events of his sailing. Many times, all that is penned by the adventurer's hand is the plain statement, "Today, we sailed on". How simple. How profound.

Sometimes life's greatest victories are not the number of battles won. Sometimes our most colossal achievements leave us without a single trophy to proudly display. Sometimes the elementary placement of one foot in front of the other is more the prize than crossing the finish line.

To those of you who are simply pressing on today, I applaud you. I commend you. And I am among you.

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  1. Lately I've been thinking about all of those "tomorrows" I used to have. All of the things I promised tomorrow I would do when it arrived. I find myself with more and more yesterdays and fewer promises that I am making for tomorrow. Someone once said that following can be just as noble as leading. Thank you for the thoughts about "sailing on," because if you aren't sailing...well, I guess you're just drifting.