Saturday, January 28, 2012

I like it... I shall pin it...

I have found a new addiction... pinning all things pretty, yummy, funny, stylish, neat, and wise on my virtual pinboards... yes, I have finally crossed over.  Pinterest!  What fun.  To some, ahem, it's another waste of time.  But to me, it's just like scrapbooking or keeping a journal of things you find lovely and interesting, only easier and better!  I am truly enjoying it.  It's also neat to go back to your boards and take a look at yourself through the eyes of the world wide web.  Your own personality and tastes comes shining through, and you can actually learn a lot about yourself  just by looking at the things you've "liked" and "pinned".  In fact, I think it's a great outlet for someone such as myself who has been known to keep things bottled up and quiet.  Wanna know who I am?  Well, then... this is a part of me.

"Happy Pinning"!

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