Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What color is your nostril?

What an adventure.  Raising... chasing... rescuing... a toddler.  There is nothing, nay, not one single thing, this child can't get into, or out of.  She amazes me.  Anytime the house falls silent, I begin to worry, because I know her mischievous, curious mind and busy, chubby hands have combined forces to create a pending disaster.  There is no taste she will not sample, whether  humanly edible or not.  There is no texture she will not touch.  She will attempt to open that which should remain closed, close that which should not be shut, eat that which should be buried... you get the idea.  Her right nostril is an interesting shade of blue today.  Why, you ask?  Perhaps she thought the tip of the marker might feel soothing inside her nose.  Maybe she thought her sinuses needed a makeover.  Or maybe it's the ever popular thought that seems to cross her mind, "Oh look... something that doesn't belong in my face, let's change that!"  The low window in my den is painted with her slobber smudges and sticky hand prints, (I DO clean this child regularly, she just can't stay that way!) and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love my Ellie-Belle.  My bright-eyed beauty.  My daily source of new gray hairs and constant laughs.  

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