Thursday, October 27, 2011

Say cheese!

If you've never had family pictures taken... outside... with three sleepy, cranky children who have missed their routine naps... you've not lived!! :) It was definitely an experience, and I want to thank Amanda Permenter for doing such a great job with us. She is a young photographer who has just started seriously taking pics. She was infinitely patient with us. Hats off to you, girl! I wanted to post a few of my favorite pics, but if any of you would like to see the complete album, you can check it out on my Facebook page.

This is one of all of us. Here we have Del's mother, Leslie, and his two grandmothers, Lucille Taylor (Leslie's mom) AKA "Bikkie", and Yvonne Meskimen (Terry's mom).

And my girls... ohhhh, my girls...

It's simply amazing to sit and look at pictures of them. I'm with them everyday, and in doing so, I sometimes miss how fast they're growing up, if that makes any sense. What living dolls! (ok, so maybe I'm just a tiny bit biased...)

Rachel was a bit dramatic in her sleepiness, wanting to go to different locations, getting "things" in her eyes from the wind... but she eventually warmed up to the idea and got into the rest of the afternoon shoot.

Their individual personalities really shine through in some of these pics. Especially the "prissy shot" of Jordan, lol. She really got into the posing when it was just her.

Ellie just wanted to be left alone to explore the strange, grassy, muddy world around her... at this very moment I'm trying to get those lovely stains out of the leggings she was wearing... which I'm beginning to believe will be a vain second attempt...

All in all, it was a good afternoon. Thanks so much to Mamoo for setting this up! Too bad Daddy was away at work, involved in some training. That just means we'll have to get some more with him later. :)

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